Eavesdropping through Technology

Eavesdropping through Technology

Life Suspended

Eavesdropping through Technology

     You stand in the shadows of invisibility. Covered by a cloak of technology. Reading. Watching. Justifying. Spewing. Raging from within at the audacity of others. How dare they carry on! How dare they live their lives as though nothing has happened!

     My friend, it is you that carries the torch lighted. You that brings forth the past. It is you that scans for the next posting.

     But what of your life? Your decisions? What of the actions you sent forth to the universe before things unfolded?

     It is time to let go.

     Put to rest the magnifying glass you carry in your hip pocket. Examine your own intentions before examining the actions of others.

     There are no guarantees to the length-of-stay on this planet. Life can be suspended without notice.

     It is your life that is being wasted.

     Release the burdensome acts of aggressions. Create space in your life for new relationships and paths to travel. Leave to the side the finger-pointing intentions. Fill your heart and life with love, compassion, and forgiveness. Fill your life with meaning. You were put here for a reason.


Sharon CassanoLochman

     So easy it is to sit on the sidelines of life. Caught up in the personal postings plastered across the internet. Eavesdropping into the lives of others. You know your intentions. Passing judgement from the sidelines is not the same as following a friend with heartfelt intentions. Waste not one precious moment of a life gifted on anything other than love, compassion, and forgiveness. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the space provided. 

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