Drifting to Monotony: Moments Unknown

Drifting to Monotony: Moments Unknown

One Step from Your Comfort Zone

Drifting to Monotony: Moments Unknown

     I’ve watched for a while. Headway made across turbulent waters. Calm in sight. Then pulling in the oars. Drifting to monotony. What is it that pulls you to shore?

     Fear? Fear of what? The unknown? Is not each new step taken, one-step forward you’ve not taken before? Fear of success? Why do you doubt the talents you’ve been gifted? You do not service God’s highest intention by lowering your potential.

     Fear not the power you hold. Fear not the path you are on. Fear not challenges or successes. You are worthy of so much more. Man your boat. Paddle from shore.

     Great are your gifts. Believe in yourself. In the powers you hold.

     You have purpose. Forward on. Sail to new and open waters. Joyfully live in each new moment unknown.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Stop the cycle. One step from your comfort zone. Two steps back. Venture to experiences and joys unknown. Stretch your abilities and talents for the greater good of the whole. Please leave words of encouragement in the space below.

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