Dreams to Reality

Dreams to Reality

Wishes Dropped and Spent

Dreams to Reality

     Copper pennies shimmer beneath rippled pond water. Remnants of wishes dropped and spent. Layered dreams forgotten. Wishes resting between moments of time like written words sandwiched between the pages.

     Wishes and dreams. Unattended. Forgotten.

     Breathe life to lost wishes. Cast not precious life dreams to the pooled pond water. Capture the thoughts tossed aside and left unattended. Catch the penny before it sinks to the bottom.

     Gather your wishes. Make your desires known. Make your dreams a reality. Put intention behind the wishes.

     Speak clearly. Sing loudly. Child of God, you deserve all that life has to offer.


     Wishes and hopes are the force behind dreams turned into reality. They are the seeds for tomorrows. Catch your penny before it sinks to the bottom. Hold tightly to your dreams and wishes. They can be your tomorrows.


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