Door of Possibilities: Amazing Life Awaits

Door of Possibilities: Amazing Life Awaits

God’s Blessings Follow

Door of Possibilities: Amazing Life Awaits

     I see your hesitation at the door of possibilities. Unsettled in unfamiliar emotional surroundings. Unaccustomed to making decisions as an individual. Uncertain of your abilities. Limiting ideas of unworthiness lay in wait for your first stumble.

     My friend, life stumbles can be a good thing. They are the lessons that teach you how to walk on your own and at your own pace. Walk the distance. Then climb ladders. Travel through the door of possibilities despite the stomach rumbles.

     Shake up and wake up. You are more powerful than you think. You are in control of your destiny. Use your imagination. Think of all the wonderful possibilities life has to offer. If you will just step into your life and not that of another.

     Believe in yourself. Believe in your talents. Believe in God’s Blessings that follow you through the door of possibilities.

     Be free. Let your stomach rumble. Leave the limiting ideas of unworthiness behind. An amazing life is on the other side.


Sharon CassanoLochman

     Fear of making mistakes. Fear of failure or fear of success. Fear of being found out. Fear releases the thoughts of unworthiness. Fears block the  possibilities of an amazing life. Release the fear. Become yourself. Please share your story in the space below.

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