Connected to God

Connected to God

Protected against the Dark

Connected to God

     Challenge day sixteen. A glorious adventure awaits. To a quiet place we go. Huddled against the heart. Protected against the dark. To visit the child within.

     The child within. Pure innocence. Connected to God. Faith unwavering. Enjoying life. That’s how it used to be. Somewhere. Somehow. It changed. Rocky trails taken. Feelings of abandonment. Worry of going without. Go to the heart-place. Find yourself. You’re still there. Patiently waiting to play.

     Relearn what life has taught. Relearn to walk, talk, and imagine. Play like the child that sits in your heart. Relearn to listen and converse with God.

     Caress life. A smile. A laugh. A rainbow. A cloud burst. A hug.

     Play and laugh. Skip and joke.

     Add a word to the list that grows. Another token of your goodness. One word to describe the wondrous person God created. One word for your child within.

     Breathe in and out. Raise your hands to Heaven. Give thanks to God. Forty times recite your list. Give thanks for the child within.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Start at the beginning or jump in today. A thirty-one-day challenge we’ve established to change the way we think about ourselves. Link hearts with the last in line. For we are connected through God’s Breath.

    Your laughter is contagious. Play for a while. Tell me, in one word, who is this child you’ve protected so well? Please share your word in the space below. I’ll share mine. Happy.

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