Collective Whole of Humanity: Life’s Journey

Collective Whole of Humanity: Life’s Journey

Courage and Strength

Collective Whole of Humanity: Life’s Journey

     The Universe awaits. Go forth without fear, for courage and strength run through your very essence. There are many gifts waiting to be tapped. Despite defiance etched into the grains and furrows of your brow, there will be a natural progression of peace and love. You are an old soul, plucked from the Heavens to forge goodness and love along your path. Not for personal glory or wealth and not for greed. But, for the collective whole of humanity.

     The Heavens await the feast of peaceful vibrations gathering energy through the surge.

     Look to the positive of the moment. The beauty of today. The wonders of now. Ground yourself in nature. Look not with your eyes, but with your heart. Trust your heart for a clarity of vision. See true beauty in its simplest form. Let the tears flow as you recognize pure magnificence.

     Harm to no soul. That is your one commandment. Harm to no soul for we are of the same breath. Reach with your heart and feel the Heavenly Energy that surrounds you.

You are me.          I am you.

         Can you see? You awake, eyes still crusted with sleep as you strain for clarity through the haze of life. You have been gifted nature at its best. Learn to see these gifts. They are everywhere. How many moments have you missed because you could not see through sleep-laden eyes? These were donations from Heaven. Gifts from your Soul to lighten your journey. Step out of your Earthly body. Learn to listen to whispers in the wind.

     Time to awaken from “reality” and step into your Heavenly dream. Be grateful for all souls passed and intersected along your journey. Change will come in the form of peace and tranquility.

Peace to you. Safe travels.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     What would our world look like today if we lived each day for the betterment of the collective whole of humanity? We have the power as individuals to make that change. The change starts with an individual and passes to the whole. Blessings to you, my friend, on this gifted day. What have you done today for someone else? A smile? A prayer? A meal to a homeless person? Please, share your story in the space below. May your actions become the norm.

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