The Challenges of Grief: How to Face another Day

The Challenges of Grief: How to Face another Day

The Sun will Rise

The Challenges of Grief: How to Face another Day

     Take heed. This challenging phase will pass. To your knees, you have dropped. Heart in a million pieces. Efforts to stand tall thwarted by the elements outside. Time wrapped and sealed. Tainted memories splatter the walls. Mirrored curtains reflect scorn. “What ifs” cyclone inside the head. Remnants of self-respect left outside the door. Self-worth scattered to the passing clouds overhead. Grief-ridden tears scream aloud.

     Take heed, my friend. This challenging phase will pass. Rise from the cowered position. Ask for help. Sweep a place clean in your heart, for God is near.

     Give to God the challenges faced. Give to God space in your heart. Weep no more. All you need to do…is ask.

     Take heed, my friend. Rock with the movements of the planet and man. Life can and will continue on. The sun will rise. Love will find its way. Believe. Believe in the healing abilities of prayer. Believe in forgiveness. Believe in the sunrises of tomorrows that follow a peaceful sleep. Believe that happiness will follow grief-filled tears.

     Believe, my friend. Believe.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     It matters not the reason for your grief – the loss of loved one, hopes, or expectations everything turns upside down. Remember, in your lowest moments, there is someone else in greater need. Life becomes sweet when compassion is shared. Reach out to someone in need. Offer shelter, a warm meal, a smile, or a prayer. Follow with gratitude for all of God’s blessings for which you have been graced. How have you managed through grief? Please share your story in the space below.

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