Calming Waters

Calming Waters

Life’s Challenges

Calming Waters

     I’ve missed you. Time taken to clear your head. Time well spent, my friend. Peaceful surroundings have a calming effect. Head stops racing. Worries screech to a halt. Things of little importance can wait. Things of little importance disproportionately weighted. What’s important is the trend.

     What have you learned of your connection to this place? Interactions with brethren and Earth Mother? What is your interpretation of events?

     Self-imposed reflection has a balancing effect. Harmonizing life’s challenges. Spreading your wings in a spiritual sense.

     A path vertical in nature requires a peaceful stance. Fill your heart with the calming waters of God’s Love.

    Take the time needed. I’ll be here when you get back.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Take time with yourself. Precious moments spent reflecting on what is important in this human race. Harmonize life’s challenges with the calming waters of God’s Love.

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