Burdens Dragged: Let God

Burdens Dragged: Let God

Reach for God’s Light

Burdens Dragged: Let God

     Hopelessly, you cling. Final bloom slowly closing. Delicate leaves downward nodding. Roots wrapped about dirt and waste. A once beautiful flower sadly wilts in the harshness of life. Nurturing sorely needed. My friend, reach for the Heavens. Feed on God’s Light.

     Spread your roots and draw from Earth Mother. Look not to waste. Look to God for relief. Relief of burdens dragged through canyons of emptiness. Relief of painful memories. Let God nurture and lift your soul.

     Fill your heart with buds of hope, compassion, direction, and positive intentions. Turn towards the Light. You are here for a reason. Blossom. Bloom. Reach for God’s Light.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Sad and forlorn you need not be. God is all that is needed. Follow the Light. Please share your story or leave words of encouragement in the space below.

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