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I am a spinner of drama, tailor of emotions, manipulator of personal connections, and a player of words. I write for the spiritually minded and the young at heart. I am the author of Spiritual Verse Today, Man with the Sand Dollar Face, Room for Grace, and Stranded on Thin Ice.


Books and Magazine Articles

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ROOM FOR GRACE by Sharon Lochman

Sarah does not want to share anything with the strange girl, Grace. Not her heart, home, family, school, friends, and certainly not her room! What will Sarah do when she recognizes her selfish behavior and realizes sometimes those with the least have the most to offer.

You can read more in Issue 1 2015  of BREAD FOR GOD’S CHILDREN.


HOMEMADE YOGURT by Sharon Lochman

Three ingredients and a heating pad…You can learn more about Homemade Yogurt in the July/August 2014 issue of Backwoods Home Magazine.



Wildflowers serve an important role in our environment. They create a natural setting that draw bees, birds, butterflies, insects, and other wildlife. Once established, wildflowers self-propagate and flourish in spaces normally left vulnerable to weeds.

Learn more about Wildflower Warfare in the July/August 2014 #4 Issue of Self-Reliance Magazine.


MY SIDEWALK by Sharon Lochman

It was 1960 in Brook Park, Ohio. Sherry’s world began at the front door and continued as far as the sidewalk connections permitted. It was a happy and innocent time. A red Radio Flyer tricycle, gum stuck to a shoe, hop scotch, and a place to pace waiting for Dad…

You can read more in the July/August 2014 issue of Good Old Days.


Conferences and Workshops

The Tom Bird Method Virtual Retreat: Write Your Book in a Weekend with Tom Bird

  • Embracing the spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental aspects of writing. Presentations, workshops, storyboarding, and support to complete the first draft of a novel in less than one weekend. November 2016


WOW 2016 Writer’s Retreat with Kristen Fulton


Ten Ways to Attract Massive Traffic to Your Website

  • Webinar workshop with Paul Taubman, II and Danni Ackerman. June 2016


Explore Nonfiction with Kristen Fulton

  • Research, resources, and tracking of facts with Kristen Fulton. Live webinar classes and private critique group. Focus on nonfiction genres and their application to children’s literature. January 2016


Picture Book Summit 2015


Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators New York: West/Central Upstate Conference

  • Presentations, workshops, critiques, and networking at the Spring Fever Annual Conference in Syracuse, NY. March 2015


Novel Revision Retreat with Darcy Pattison

Sharon Cassano-Lochman