Beacon of God’s Light

Beacon of God’s Light

Linking of Hearts

Beacon of God’s Light

     Stand tall in the significance of you. Fuel of compassion. Boundless in innocence. Contagious with laughter. Child of God. Stand tall. Shine your Light!

     Let go of doubt erroneously placed. For within your heart resides the love of God. You are here for a reason. Your talents are greatly needed.

     Witness. Believe. Believe in yourself as a child of God. Believe in the power of one. Believe in the linking of hearts through faith. Faith in the ability to make a difference.

     Beacon of God’s Light. Shine.

     Shine through your actions and intentions. Walk the walk. Talk the talk. Twenty-four-seven. Child of God. You are here for a reason.


Sharon CassanoLochman

     My friend, stand tall in the significance of you. You are a beacon of God’s Light. Please leave words of encouragement in the space below.

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2 comments on “Beacon of God’s Light
  1. So true. We must all let our special lights shine brightly.

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