Battlefields of Life: Seek Comfort in God’s Love

Battlefields of Life: Seek Comfort in God’s Love

Comfort of God’s Love

Battlefields of Life: Seek Comfort in God’s Love

     A battle wages on. Shackled to your ankle are the memories of war and human strife. The body yearns for what the mind will not release. Sleep. Night terrors repeat. Unsavory sights to gentle eyes. Guilt for those left behind.

     My friend, you were called to action. An unnatural request to which the human persona is not well equipped. Tragic on all accounts. Horrific pain remains. Memories of war weigh heavily on your heart.

     Release your pain to God. Release the unrelenting emotional cycles that reign over day and night. Seek solace in the comfort of God’s love. Triumph over shackled memories of war and human strife. Triumph by living life.

     With each breath may you be filled with God’s Light.

     Gratitude I give for your service to our country. Prayers I send that you may walk free from the memories that weigh so heavily upon your heart. Blessings to you, my friend. You are not alone. God is at your side.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     There are many battlefields in life. Sometimes war. Sometimes illness or personal strife. Sometimes it is the workplace or the place in which we live. Release the burdens of your past—whatever they may be—to God. For the burdens we carry are too great to carry alone. Breathe in God’s healing Light and be free to live life.

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