Ballerina Stance: Wave of Indecision

Ballerina Stance: Wave of Indecision


Ballerina Stance: Wave of Indecision

     So carefully you pose in ballerina stance. Testing the waters until a wave of indecision sets you back. To reach for the stars, first you must leap. Leap from the murky shore of disbelief. Walk flat-footed to waters deep. Close your eyes to foggy inhibitions. Follow faith.

     Faith in God. Faith in yourself. Not to say you won’t get knocked from your feet. Stand back up. Face the deep. Smile to yourself. You are so much stronger than you think.

     Going the distance requires God’s Grace and faith in yourself. There’s much more to life. There’s much more to you. Leap, my friend. Leap.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     So many stand tip-toe afraid of “what ifs.” Unless you try, never will you realize the ease in which through life you can swim. Please share enlightening thoughts or messages in the space below.

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