Avoid the Negative Emotional Charge left after a Fight

Avoid the Negative Emotional Charge left after a Fight

Pollyanna Pink Sunset

Avoid the Negative Emotional Charge left after a Fight

     Bleak is the emotional charge left after a fight. Captured moments of tenderness either forgotten or thrown to the wind. Heart bleeding. Why fight?

     Resolution might be better served with a velvet voice linked to receptive ears.

     Allow Pollyanna pink sunsets to put to rest the discourse from your day. Step back from the ego-driven conversation and listen. To what value does fighting add to your life or to that of another? Look to other options. Compromise and forgiveness.

     There are no guarantees for your length of stay on this earth. Miss not one glorious Pollyanna pink sunset or Pollyanna pink option in life. Put your ego to sleep. Hold tight to your faith. The rest will fall into place.

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     It is so easy to get wrapped up in emotion during a fight. Cross words flagrantly spoken leave lasting damage to souls and relationships. What exactly are you fighting about? Examine the thought before throwing tender opportunities to the wind. What exactly is the source of your displeasure? Do you even know? For if you lack the ability to say in one sentence what the issue is at hand, how can you expect another to hear?

     There is a place in a relationship for disagreement of thought and action. It is how these disagreements are handled that makes the difference. Compromise and forgiveness…let that be your goal lest you never miss one Pollyanna pink sunset or sunrise.

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