Angst Blankets Our Nation

Angst Blankets Our Nation

Prayer and Intention

Angst Blankets Our Nation

     Angst blankets our nation. Brothers and sisters tightly wound in the propaganda of politics. A strong nation requires unity of hearts and prayers.

     Release the escalating tensions with prayer. Pray. Pray for Divine intervention when required.

     Pray for what truly matters. Children fed. Homeless with shelter. Shadows of darkness replaced with peaceful nations.

     And, if agitation persists, back up your prayers with intentions. Take action. Tend to the elderly sequestered from society. Read to a child. Gift of yourself. You have so much to offer.

     Angst and politics…they go hand in hand. Prayer and intention…another direction.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Waste not one moment with political worries when children are hungry and people seek shelter or when souls crave gentle interaction. Waste not one moment on national divides. Link hearts and unite.

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4 comments on “Angst Blankets Our Nation
  1. Whatever the outcome in today’s election, I hope our nation will remain strong with an emphasis on kindness towards all.

  2. My tradition demands action- prayer is important AS A START- but its the action that soothes, helps, and effects the change.

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