Angry Edge: Feed Peace to Your Soul

Angry Edge: Feed Peace to Your Soul

Save Precious Life Energy

Angry Edge: Feed Peace to Your Soul

     Troubled I am for your angry edge. Hurt to your heart has set you off course. Bad remembrances and unrest. Pacing through life. Digesting and justifying rampaging indignations. A lifetime wasted on self-centeredness.

     Set aside the hurt which has taken on a life of its own. Manifesting into hate and self-sabotaging performances. Save precious life energy and feed peace to your soul.

     Recognize angry and misaligned intentions. Heal your distressed placement of affection. Find compassion for the imperfections of others. Then let the compassion flow to yourself.

     Please, dear one…anger is an emotion that needs to be fed. Waste not one moment consumed with should-have-beens. Let go of that which is harmful to you. Bring peace to your heart. Bring peace to your soul. Let go of the angry edge.

Sharon CassanoLochman

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