Angry at Life: Embracing with Verse

Angry at Life: Embracing with Verse

A Heart Consumed with Peace

Angry at Life: Embracing with Verse

     From my heart to yours. Embracing with verse. Distaste written in the furrows of your face. Angry at life. Withered in self-pity. Dehydrated within self-consumed slumber. Back turned from the well of good works. My friend, gently stir from your confrontational sleep.

     Dramatically change the direction of concern. From you to another. Feel the well of compassion fill in your sacred heart-place. Fill the furrows of your heart with Light. Anger will cease to exist with a heart consumed with peace.

    Drink freely, my friend, from the well of compassion. Set free good deeds. When giving gratitude near the end of day’s light…ask of yourself. How far have your good deeds traveled today? To what extent have you cradled and consoled collapsed silhouettes in the field of life? Remembering always. It is of our positive interaction with the world around us that brings peace. Peace in spirit. Peace with Earth Mother. Peace braided with compassion.

     Rest well, my friend. Feel my heart wrapped about yours. May your well of good deeds and compassion run free.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     We are all guilty of it from one time to another. Consumed with the pitfalls and heartache of life. Turn from yourself and gift to another. Has someone gifted to you an act of compassion during a time of struggle? Please, share your story in the space below.

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