Abundance Gifted: Search with Your Heart

Abundance Gifted: Search with Your Heart

Heavenly Compassion of God

Abundance Gifted: Search with Your Heart

     When was the last time you sat outdoors? Filling your lungs with God’s fresh air. Regardless of what lies beneath your feet. Soil. Dust. Grass. Cement. Stone.

     Look up. Look out. See the abundance God has gifted. There for the taking. Grant yourself one moment to look. Search with your heart. Feel the Heavenly Compassion of God everywhere.

     Challenge yourself each waking day. Find the Glory that awaits. Then give gratitude for each amazing day.

     It is a beautiful world in which we live. To your knees you will drop when searching with your heart.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Tell me dear friend. What did you see today? Please share your story or comments below.

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