Abandoned: Forgiveness Granted

Abandoned: Forgiveness Granted

Let Me Feel You in My Heart

Abandoned: Forgiveness Granted

     May I call you friend? Recognize your energy, I do not. Approach me in my dreams. Let me feel you in my heart. Questions to ask. Answers untold. Learning to let go.

     Do you think of me now that you are in Heaven? Let me tell you of how I turned out. Alone, I grew. Through uncertainties. Abandoned at the beginning of life’s journey. Left to my own devices. Compassionate and good I have tried to be. Sensitive to suffering.

     Angry at you I have never been…walked in your shoes I have not. Confused perhaps for your choice of destiny. Trailing off. Loving and watching a slew of new innocents through their life journey of firsts.

     But wasn’t I your first?

     Ask you I will when your heart energy is near. Long to hold me when I was young did you not?

     When my Earth walk finally comes to an end. As I near Heaven’s gate. Please, don’t miss my first step through. Be there please for an eternity to embrace my energy with yours. I look forward to meeting you.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Have you searched your heart and gifted forgiveness to another? Reach out to hold the hand of another. Share the strategy that worked for you or words of encouragement below.

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